Urbissimo: IP Acquired

Motu Novu’s former Client Urbissimo, Inc. announced today the sale of its intellectual property (namely: US Patent 8,108,321) via a broker. The event occurred during April 2013. The identity of the acquirer and the transaction amount are confidential, and we will most certainly NOT spill the beans, but we can say in earnest that it was quite a satisfactory deal.

Says Filippo Beretta, one of the inventors behind Urbissimo’s patent and technology, and today also the Treasurer of Motu Novu: “the sale of Urbissimo’s IP, carried out at a very non-trivial price, brings closure to a long story, and vindicates the founding team’s efforts. Given that the patent turned out to be worth quite a lot, one can only imagine what could have been achieved, if not for the timidity of some of our investors.” Following complete execution of the transaction, Urbissimo will be dissolved.