• Motu Novu Labs

Motu Novu Labs

Motu Novu is an international federation of independent professionals. Motu Novu Labs (MNL) is a creative space which will allow members of the Motu Novu federation and other makers to develop new inventions, prototypes, and products. Many of our clients are tech ventures. On occasion, they develop new inventions and new products, and do require assistance in R&D to go from whiteboard to market. Some of our professionals are entrepreneurs, engineers, and tinkerers who enjoy the challenge of fabricating something new. MNL will pursue proprietary projects, as well as assignments on behalf of clients, from proof-of-concept to alpha.

MNL operates a facility located in Quincy, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. The space is dedicated to tinkering and prototyping. MNL hosts both subtractive and additive fabrication processes including woodworking, metalworking, welding, plastics, electrical, microelectronics, and more. MNL features many tools, both generic and specialized. Access is restricted to members of MNL.

MNL launched in January 2018.