• Motu Novu Capital Partners

Motu Novu Capital Partners

Motu Novu is an international federation of independent professionals. Motu Novu Capital Partners (MNCP) is Motu Novu’s investment arm. Many of Motu Novu’s clients are young companies engaged in software, online services, mobile applications, connected devices, and industrial equipment. Many of our professionals are entrepreneurs who have created tech startups. As a result, over the years, Motu Novu has developed significant expertise on how to identify, value, and support successful tech ventures. MNCP is a tool which allows pooling of resources across our federation, and very selective investment in high-potential new ideas.


MNCP focuses on technology ventures in the very initial stage of development, what we like to call the “start stage”. In practice, we will typically invest up to $100K at valuations below $2M, and will prefer to take active advisory, board, or managerial roles. We favor firms championed by entrepreneurs who are, or have been, clients of Motu Novu’s: seed stage is the business of backing people, not firms. We are very selective, and plan to make no more than 1-2 investments per year, starting late 2014.


We encourage all Professionals of the Motu Novu federation, our current and former Clients, and members of our Alliances to refer interesting investment opportunities to MNCP at dealflow.mncp@motunovu.com. We will review all submissions based on our criteria for targets (see above). And while it is unlikely that we will pursue a pitch rained down from the sky, miracles do happen: so if you never heard of Motu Novu before, and we never heard of you, but you do positively have a world-changing venture, let us know.