• For Professionals

For Professionals

Motu Novu is an international federation of independent professionals. We welcome extraordinary individuals from many walks of life: entrepreneurs, strategists, technologists, marketers, attorneys, tax experts, and other business minds. Our professionals are free agents who share core values, personality traits, and rules of engagement. They come together under the Motu Novu brand when the assignments require, but otherwise retain their freedom and individual practices.



While retaining your independence, present yourself and your practice with the prestige and empowerment offered by an established and recognizable brand.


Join a group of competent and influential professionals. Gain recognition, make powerful connections, and contribute to building something greater than yourself.


Expand the boundaries of your personal skills, industry experience, and geographic focus. Engage in broader, more complex, and more rewarding assignments.


Enjoy the vast array of services, best practices, and support personnel available to all our professionals, either for free or at negotiated low rates.


Freedom and empowerment require disclipline and individual responsibility. Motu Novu brings together many, very diverse, and very talented individuals. While we celebrate our diversity in styles and opinions, we value unity and reciprocal trust. Therefore, we uphold a set of rules regarding our organization, operating model, compensation, and governance. If you consider joining our federation, please read our White Paper and make sure you fully understand the requirements of becoming part of Motu Novu.



Associates are the mainstay of Motu Novu: they engage directly with clients and deliver results on assignments. Based on their expertise and preferences, they also collaborate with Motu Novu’s partners and with each other to develop their practice, the firm’s client base, and the overall federation.


Advisers (*) are very senior practitioners, recognized experts in their industry or knowledge domains, or key persons at one of the firms which have formed a alliance with Motu Novu. Advisers do not usually take an active role on assignments, but may on occasion provide expert advice.


Partners are dedicated professionals with a vested interest in the lasting success of Motu Novu. Partners do enjoy some privileges, but are also entrusted with additional responsibilities. They are not an exclusive club: all associates and advisers who have proven themselves may become eligible to become partners.

(*) Note. The role of adviser has been designed to be compatible with with the rules of conduct and restrictions imposed by most professional and industry associations, employment agreements, collaboration agreements, etc. See our White Paper for more details.