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Become a Member

Motu Novu is an international federation of independent professionals. We welcome extraordinary individuals from many walks of life: entrepreneurs, strategists, technologists, marketers, attorneys, tax experts, and other business minds. Our professionals are free agents who share core values, personality traits, and rules of engagement. They come together under the Motu Novu brand when the assignments require, but otherwise retain their freedom and individual practices.

Candidates who wish to join Motu Novu undergo a four-step affiliation process. Be advised: we only consider highly qualified candidates who are committed to demonstrably contribute to the development of the Motu Novu federation. Motu Novu does not pursue growth for growth’s sake, and we will refuse most candidates, unless they show excellent fit with our Brand‘s Values and Personality as well as clear, tangible commitment to deliver. If you are “looking for a job”, need a “resume filler” after being laid off and until your next position, or your ego is bigger than your brain, do yourself and Motu Novu a favor and look elsewhere.

Affiliation Process

  • First, do your homework and learn about Motu Novu. Review our website, especially the sections about Brand, Values and Personality, and Services. Download and study our White Paper. Reach out to any of our Professionals. If you have questions, ask. Before you apply, make very sure to know why you want to become a member of Motu Novu, and what it takes to be part of our federation.

  • Once you have you learned about Motu Novu and are certain to be applying for the right reasons, go ahead and Apply online. You will be required to provide some information about yourself, a short write-up about the why you are interested in Motu Novu, and a link to your Linkedin profile. If you do not have a Linkedin profile, join the 21st century and go get one. We review applications within 1-2 weeks.

  • After reviewing your application we will contact you. If with good news, we will schedule three interviews with existing professionals in our federation. The first interview will be informational. The second one will be technical: to assess your actual skills vis-a-vis your resume and experiences. The third one will be about business development: to discuss how you intend to materially contribute to the development of Motu Novu.

  • If all your interviews go well, we will send you a formal invitation letter. The letter will include a contract (which establishes certain engagement and confidentiality rules, per the White Paper) and some other paperwork. Once the paperwork is done, our staff will work with you to prepare your summary profile and acquire high-quality photos. Lastly, we publish your membership on the website and the federation. Welcome aboard.