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The Motu Novu name is a trademark derived from the Latin expression Motu Novo (ablative case), which may be translated as “in regards to new motion”, or simply as “in new motion”, or more liberally as “new ideas in motion”. Interestingly, the Latin adjective “novo” has broader connotation than its descendant “new” does, and may also be rendered as “fresh” or “extraordinary”. This is our name, and this is what we are passionate about: bringing new, fresh, extraordinary ideas to life.


The Motu Novu logo was born while doodling around the idiomatic expression “thinking outside the box”. Ironically, we never quite liked that phrase: conformist people chant it as a mantra of sorts to justify (or perhaps to ward against) every slight deviation from the norm. We see life differently: accepted societal norms are useful references, not untouchable dogmas. Our logo describes our method: be realistic, start from what is, but also visionary, never limit what can be.


Our seal is sometimes used to imprint official documents or to embellish some of marketing materials. Its inscription is again in Latin, and often attributed to Appius Claudius Caecus, consul of the ancient Roman Republic, blinded by the gods (“caecus” means “blind” in Latin) for his many unconventional ideas. “Faber Est Suae Quisque Fortunae” is the quintessential manifest of the “homo faber”: not bound by the preordained rules of fate but maker of his own good fortune. Sounds familiar?

Mascot and Motto

Most of our marketing materials feature our mascot (a smiling black sheep) and its catchphrase (“free is happy”). We are pragmatists and acknowledge the merits of shared values, pooled resources, and coordinated efforts. However, we strongly believe that the pursuit of happiness (in business: of reliable profits) often leads off the marked path, and away from the security of the herd. And perhaps, just like a black sheep’s color, our drive to innovate is genetic: we enjoy being different.